March 2011

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Sure Fire Way to Boost Profit-- MPPA March event

You are All the Same!

The "Killer App" for Sales Interviews & Presentations


Sure Fire Way to Boost Profits
By Luis Santiago

(Please consider joining us for breakfast on Tuesday, March 15th at 7:30AM at Scott's Seafood Rest in Palo Alto, CA for this talk....sign up at  http:\\

I can’t tell you what’s going to sell or how you should market it.  But if you accept credit card payment, I can show you how to retain a higher percentage of those payments.

And if you aren’t taking credit card payment, I’m going to explain why you should be.

But first, a crash course in Credit Card Payment 101. When you open your monthly credit card statement, there’s a good chance you don’t even try to decipher it. There’s an excellent reason: the statements have been designed to be confusing! One thing that will not be crystal clear is exactly what percentage of the purchase price on every transaction the credit card company is going be keeping for itself—and keeping from you.  If you’re like most merchants, you wish that percentage were a lot smaller.

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You are ALL the SAME
by S. Anthony Iannarino

You have been told, taught, and trained to differentiate yourself and your offering. You know it’s important, critical even, to selling well. But you don’t have to work in sales for very long to run up against this objection: You are all the same.

When you hear the objection that everyone in your space is the same, the person saying it usually has the experience to make a pretty effective case. There are two reasons why they can make a compelling case.

It’s True

Trying to match your competitor’s offerings isn’t a differentiation strategy.

A differentiation strategy requires that you believe something different than your competitors, that those beliefs drive different choices of actions, and that those actions produce different results—results that make a difference for your clients.

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The 'Killer App' for Sales Interviews & Presentations
By Eric Doner

It is a pretty well established fact that most well-managed sales organizations follow some type of consultative selling process. Such a process requires learning about customers needs and requirements before presenting a solution. This means that successful sellers must ask good questions and do more listening than talking. To do anything less results in premature presentation, which creates buyer resistance and either produces an unsuccessful outcome or at minimum, delays the sale.

Our model provides a planned sequence of communication steps for sales interviews that enables sellers to  earn the right to present their solution......

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(Note: Eric will be speaking on this topic at the APRIL meeting of MPPA, in Palo Alto, on April 19th. Contact Tom Pencek ( about a reservation.)

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