March 2010

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Taking the "Difficult" of Your Difficult People -- MPPA May Event

The Dance of Marketing Success for the Small Service Business: Push, Pull and a Handshake

Making the most of Social Media -- Use LinkedIn and Here's How -- Also: Find us on Facebook!

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Taking the "Difficult" out of Your Difficult People -- Don't Miss MPPA's May Event.

  • What makes you label someone “difficult”?
  • Is it that they never seem to listen to what you say-
  • Or they constantly take offense at whatever you do-
  • Or that you just can’t get them on your side no matter what-
  • Or maybe they just “rub you the wrong way”?

 Sometimes the problem isn’t so much that they’re “difficult” – but that they just don’t see things the same way we do, or maybe they approach things differently. It can be really helpful to look at the role this difference thing plays in our difficult interactions.

If we can understand more about how another person thinks and operates, we can be more effective when we interact with them. Plus, it also helps to examine how our own reactions to them may actually contribute to the problem.
The Everything DiSC® series offers a dandy tool for learning more about your own behavioral style, what you need to understand about other styles, how you tend to react to other styles, and what you can do to help you be more effective in interactions with them.

Come to Midpeninsula Professional Alliance on May 18, and take advantage of the opportunity to experience the “Preview” version of DiSC®, a “taster” version of the full DiSC® profiles. This is sure to give you helpful insights into what may be going on in your difficult people encounters.

Beth Weisberg is the owner of Workplace Essentials, dedicated to transforming workplace cultures – 1 individual, 1 leader, 1 team at a time – to create more harmony and thus deliver better results. She has worked with organizations large and small; presented hundreds of high-impact workshops; and coached individuals from line staff to CEO’s.

Join us for a delicious breakfast ($17.95), or just a beverage ($5.95), at 7:30 AM, Tuesday, May 18, 2010, at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant, Town and Country Village, Palo Alto, CA  94301. Register with this link  to reserve your place and get the best price. Seating, if available, is 50% MORE expensive the day of event!

The Dance of Marketing Success for the Small Service Business: Push, Pull and a Handshake

“Nothing is working anymore! I don’t know what to try next!” This complaint is one that I’ve begun to hear pretty regularly from my friends and business acquaintances. One friend bemoaning his situation  felt frustrated because his well-thought-out Internet strategy wasn’t translating into increased numbers of new customers. I reassured him as I have so many other small business people, “Keep focusing on the Marketing Dance for Small Business—Push, Pull and a Handshake. It always works, and it will work for you.”

In the small business sector and, particularly, in small service businesses, my experience has shown that focusing on blending successful Push, Pull and Personal marketing programs is the path to success. Yes, there is more to marketing—branding, portfolio management, partner strategy, etc. —but in the small business space, marketing is simplified and more straightforward. The focus must be creating awareness, demand, and leads for the sales process.  Just remember: Push, Pull and a handshake.

By “push” marketing, I mean messages YOU send to your prospects email marketing, billboards, text messaging, Twitter postings, postcards, or letters—even telemarketing. The effect of successful Push marketing is immediate:  it’s like the wonderful sensation you experience when a spoonful of your favorite flavor of ice cream hits your mouth on a hot day. The more push marketing you do, the more leads you get.  It wasn’t too long ago that most marketing was exclusively “push.”   But advertisers noted that people got tired of getting bombarded with messages and that their response rates to them went down.  Many marketing luminaries then recommended a shift to Inbound Marketing or Pull marketing

“Pull” marketing is the category name for anything you create that has as its immediate objective, not leads, but giving prospects something to find, read, digest, and act on. It could be a website, blog, video that you post on U-Tube, short articles that you allow people to download—even a Facebook page like mine ( These days, the Internet makes it cost-effective to distribute content as long as you make it easy for search engines to find that content. If “push” marketing is perceived like ice cream, “Pull” marketing is more like a nice steak—no matter how tender, chewing is required -- slow to have an impact, but its effects last a long time.

“Personal” marketing--handshakes--combine the advantages of push and pull. When you shake someone’s hand, the impact is both immediate impact and it can initiate the long-term relationships that can boost your business.  Leads groups, events—both ones you sponsor and the ones you attend as a guest, and, especially, speaking opportunities—all are great examples of personal marketing. To continue with the food analogy, Personal Marketing is like a protein power drink, providing  immediate AND long-lasting effects. The story of the “semi-naked” event that Esprit staged in April 2010 to promote the grand opening of its New York City store is a good example of how events can be woven into “push” and “pull” marketing initiatives to for immediate, long-lasting, and viral effects on lead generation

The most effective place to focus your marketing efforts, once you have “something going” in all three areas, is the sweet spot where the three marketing “types” intersect. Look for opportunities to leverage all three types of marketing to generate visibility, awareness, and sales for your business. If you’re stumped for an idea, you’ll find many examples by downloading my “Small Service Business Marketing Synergy Checklist here.”

Remember, by focusing on the Small Business Marketing Dance—Push, Pull and a Handshake, you can achieve the success you seek in the months ahead.

Making the most of Social Media -- Use LinkedIn and Here's How --
Also: Find us on Facebook!

I recently gave a talk on the use of LinkedIn. If you were able to attend, thank you!  If you missed it, here is your chance to get the slides and some great money-making ideas for your business -- ideas that will cost you nothing but time to try!

Download my presentation from SlideShare at this link:

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