June 2010

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Finding Business at Small Valley Companies using LinkSV

Why the time for Branded Email is NOW -- and how to try it out RISK FREE

So Many Reasons to follow us on FACEBOOK -- and now a free GIFT

Special offers for YOU!


Finding Business at Small Valley Companies using LinkSV

Sometimes it is easier to sell services to smaller companies -- they make decisions faster and there are fewer "buffers" between you and the decision maker. But finding out "who's who" can be difficult. USAData might have lots of information on HP, but very little on the small, venture funded non-public firm on the corner.

Fortunately, Bob Karr and his partners have created LinkSV to help us. This painstakingly created database of small active (and inactive) non-public companies in the Valley allows business data users to not only get accurate information on Valley leaders at emerging companies, but it also displays the relationships between the companies (funders or Board members in common) which can be key to leveraging existing relationships.

Bob showed us recently how to use all the facilities of LinkSV to search for and find the contacts we need. The best news was that there is no fee to consult the database.....that's right. Its FREE.

Of course, if you want to DOWNLOAD data and move it into Salesforce or ACT or some other tool, you must sign up for a paid membership (there is a monthly fee that varies with usage).

Bob was gracious to a fault -- he wants to give everyone reading this newsletter a free trial offer: sign up with the link below, and get a month of usage (including downloads) at NO Cost.

If you need more time for your trial, drop Bob a note and tell him you're a friend of MPPA and he will extend your FREE trial to THREE MONTHS.


I hope everyone out there starts using LinkSV and gets the business leads they need to grow their businesses.

Why the time for Branded Email is NOW -- and how to try it out RISK FREE

This is a GREAT time for anyone in business to start using Branded Email rather than plain text email messages. Those who don’t will miss out on today’s best deal in “push” marketing.

Every week, I speak with many people about their marketing – what’s working, what’s not, and why. Those that read this blog regularly know that I am passionate about preaching a balanced marketing effort: a combination of Push, Pull, and Personal marketing efforts that, together, generate the results you want. Yet it’s amazing how often I hear, “I have a website, but I get no traffic!” Search engines are great, but you can’t depend on SEO to give you all the visibility your business needs. You need to drive your own traffic.........

Read the rest of this posting by clicking here

Special Offer:

Wanna try Branded email in your business RISK Free? The folks at Letterclick Inc. have authorized us to offer a trial of their Brandmail service to readers of this newsletter for $1.00. That's right. A buck to try it out. Here is a link with all the details on their service. Take the "ONE BUCK challenge" and get that windfall of business with branded email. Drop me a note  and I will get you signed up on the $1.00 offer.

So Many Reasons to follow us on FACEBOOK -- and now a FREE GIFT!

If you're not reading my daily marketing tips on Facebook, you're missing out. My team cull hundreds of blogs and web postings and reposts the most interesting items for your use. And of course, I have a few bright ideas to share once in a while too.

If you're reading your news feed on Facebook, why not sign up as a FAN on my page, http://www.facebook.com/serviceforprofit. Just go to this URL when you're on Facebook and click on the LIKE button. You won't miss another great marketing tip.


..as a special "Thank you", all who sign up will get a copy of my DVD on Drip Marketing. This is a recording of a speech I gave for one of the Chamber of Commerce Groups, recorded and edited by "videographer extraordinaire", Steve Young and his team at Videografix. (I will send you your DVD within a week of signing up for my Facebook Feed, but if you are in a big hurry just drop me a note and I will expedite delivery).

Special offers for YOU!

I've got a Smartphone, and I'm getting a lot more text messages these days. My favorite bookstore sends me a reminder of author talks, my son sends me a text when he needs a few bucks, and client know that they can reach me quickly by texting.

Pure Conduit is a new player in the SMS (texting) market. They are small and nimble and seeking small business clients who want to try out this new communication medium. They've put together a FREE offer for MPPA members. Check out their dedicated landing page:


If you end up becoming a paying client, I will donate one hour of my time to helping you with your marketing efforts.

If this sounds interesting, give them a call.
Call us (650) 204-1136


Take your Dog to Work Day?  Who knew there was such a holiday? But I got this card from my friend Caren who has been meeting my needs for business friendly greeting cards for years. What an unusual way to get the attention of a client or prospect!

Caren has put together a message for MPPA members....and of course, a special offer:

Looking for a novel way to keep in contact with your clients, prospects, employees, patients or other associates?  Personalized notes and greeting cards add an element of surprise and delight to otherwise less than memorable mailings.  The card you see here is just one sample available from Cmail.  Cmail's services provide a unique way to remind your target mailing list of upcoming events, product updates, sales promotions, holiday celebrations and other creative ideas to help retain customer relationships and loyalty while also growing your referral business.  


CMail  is offering a SPECIAL PROMOTION good for $25 off an initial order placed through July 31st, 2010.  For more information on Cmail's services, contact Caren Weinstein at 650-323-3320 or carenwn@aol.com.  Be sure to specify $25 PROMO when you contact Caren to take advantage of this special offer.


Caren is an active member of the Palo Alto Networking Group (PANG) which meets once a month at Zibibbo Restaurant.  This networking group has been a very effective resource for its members and is open to new members and guests.   There are no restrictions and no cost for this rewarding professional organization.  Contact Caren to learn more about PANG and to receive a notice about upcoming meetings.


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