March 2010

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Making Meetings Make $en$e -- MPPA event for March 16th

Are you Creative? Check out Hank's new video and FIND OUT!

The Philosophy of Lead Generation I, II and III -- New Services from Service for Profit, LLC and its Partners

Make Meetings Make $en$e

Getting the attention of prospects, gaining their trust, and closing new business are all worthy goals. Few business activities are more successful at achieving all of these goals than an event. Hosting an event for business clients can be the single most effective method for enriching business relationships, reminding prospects of your stellar services, and solidifying the trust necessary to launch a new engagement or sale.

But if events are so successful, why don’t more people hold more of them? Well, they can be tricky to bring off, they can be expensive, and they are a lot of work.  Fortunately, our speakers today have solutions for all these challenges. Our goal at “Using Events to Market your Business – MPPA’s March 2010 Event” is to give you a “primer” that will help you use events effectively in your business development strategy.

You will learn how to identify reasonable objectives for an event and how to select and execute on an appropriate theme.  You will also learn how to avoid falling into the four main traps endemic to business events:

* Poor event organization

* Ineffective venue utilization

* Inadequate pre- and post-meeting follow-up

* Run-away costs that doom ROI

Our two speakers, Margie Boyce of Plan Ahead Meetings of Santa Clara, and Nathan Emmett, Director of Group Sales for The Winchester Mystery House, are an ideal pairing who can help you maximize the success of your next event or meeting: An event planner fully versed in what constitutes a “no surprises” business event, and a representative from a meeting venue, fully briefed on the space, capabilities, and onsite services available at the meeting facility.

Join us for a delicious breakfast ($17.95), or just a beverage ($5.95), at 7:30 AM, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant, Town and Country Village, Palo Alto, CA  94301. Register at to reserve your place and get the best price. Seating, if available, is 50% MORE expensive the day of event!

Are You Creative? Take a look at Hank's new Video and FIND OUT for yourself!

Everyone likes to be told they are creative. But some of us have been told for years that we lack creativity. Keynote speaker and workshop leader Hank Olguin, a frequent attendee at MPPA events, believes that is just plain wrong.

 He and his videographer, Steve Young of Videografix, have put together a great new short video on the topic of creativity and I just had a chance to see it.

I recommend everyone view this short video on U-Tube.  You can stream it here at this URL: target="blank"

The production values are GREAT, the on screen talent is professional, but best of all, the message is persuasive: Hank believes that, “the right approaches and techniques can inspire people to more fully realize their innate potential and perform better.”  Bottom line – we’ve all got what it takes; we just haven’t be accessing it!

If you like what you see, consider taking a look at Hank’s book, “Make your Ideas Take Flight”, available online.

Congratulations Hank and Steve on a great new production!

The Philosophy of SERVICE Lead Generation -- New Service Packages Announced


Our series of Webinars on lead generation proved so popular, that we have created three (3) service bundles to provide the benefits of this new IP to providers of professional services in the SF Bay Area.

The first “service bundle” includes a lead generation program -- a primary campaign (either email, postcards or both), with a fulfillment landing page, a drip campaign for the undecided’s, and a telemarketing script for follow ups.

The second service is a “sales team tune up” facilitated by technology from the well known DISC test, and coaching provided by Beth Weisman of Workplace Essentials.  The sales funnel can be made very sticky and slow by our own mistakes – and we can all learn to do better.  We recommend that all members of the “client facing team” be evaluated and coached on necessary communication skills improvements.

Finally, we are offering a new service that provides “documents of successful service business development.”  If you are not using clearly written engagement letters, proposals, and milestone report documents, we can create these for you or edit your existing ones. This is a key step to explaining to the client what you can do, what you have done, and what you are billing for.

 Please contact us if you are interested in any of these new services.  (

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