October 2009

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The Results Curve -- Oct 20th
FACEBOOK for Business?

The Philosophy of Lead Generation -- Nov 17th

The Results Curve

--how to manage focused versus collaborative effort

Please reserve next Tuesday, October 20, 2009 for MPPA’s October program. We have enticed one of our most popular speakers to come and talk to us about his new book, the “Accomplishing More With Less Workbook.”

Join us in making the workplace less hectic and interrupt driven, more satisfying and results driven instead. We work and live in an era of interruptions. The very moment you begin a task, you are stopped by emails, IM’s, colleague visits, phone calls, meetings, and now, tweets and Facebook updates. The very technologies that were invented to enhance productivity have made it nearly impossible. Not only this, we are bombarded by an unprecedented information overload dominated by the Internet and globalization. This puts unreasonable demands on our work and personal lives, and as a result, we suffer, feel helpless, and our accomplishments decline. This needs to stop. We invite you to join us in this movement. Will you join us?

Pierre Khawand, Founder & CEO of People-OnTheGo, the creator of the “Accomplishing-more-with-less” framework and resulting workshops and teleclasses, is revealing some of the most compelling productivity principles and setting the stage for this movement.
As always, please pre-register and prepay on the web. We have two options:

Click here to register for the meeting and full Breakfast at a cost of $17.95 or coffee/tea only at a cost of $5.95.

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FACEBOOK for Business?

Many People have asked me about the suitability of using Facebook for business development. Recently, The Professional Services Journal posed this question to its readers, and the Journal's editor recently summarized the feedback. Here is her article, reproduced with attribution:


Face It: Facebook Can Help Businesses
Do it right to make it work
by Meryl K. Evans, Editor, Professional Services Journal

While many businesses see Facebook(FB) as more of a personal social network where people find family and school friends, an equal amount of businesses have set up shop on Facebook to create communities and boost brand loyalty.

Facebook allows you to assign minimal access to people whom you don't know well or know only on a professional level. They won't be able to see your photos and other personal information.

Not all readers agree on whether Facebook should be part of your business marketing strategy. Their advice falls into one of the following three ideas:

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The Philosophy of Lead Generation — MPPA Nov 2009 program

Service Businesses have a particularly tough task — how to make sure that they have a pipeline of customers always ready to purchase your service? For many businesses, the solution is to invest in all types of lead generation programs.

While lead acquisition is important, I have come to believe (and advise my clients) that it is only one of a collection of strategies that, implemented together, will impact their bottom line. In addition to identifying potential customers, service businesses in particular, need to focus on scoring their leads, nurturing those that are not ready to buy now, and getting realistic about the other factors that influence eventual conversion to paying customer status. I call all of these elements, The Philosophy of Lead Generation, and I will be telling all how to become sensitive to them, and implement an integrated program to the betterment of your bottom line.

Please use this link to pre-register and prepay for the meeting (November 17, 2009) with either full breakfast ($17.95) or Beverage only ($5.95)

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