November 2012

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Save on Gas, and less traffic too!

Building Teams on the Wave: How to energize mixed teams

Don't waste your planning time this year.

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Save on Gas and Less Traffic -- all for FREE!

A few years ago while on my way on foot from the Palo Alto City Hall to a local breakfast hangout, I noticed a small, unassuming storefront office. People were working inside but there was no name on the door. When I stopped in and asked about the business (I’m always looking for customers!), I got an earful about traffic apps and was offered a “gizmo” with a suction cup to hold my “new” i-Phone upright in my car. Just think, I could get rid of my GPS and just use my phone! The new service,, was free, and it derived traffic reports from users, like me.Click here to read rest of article.

Learn how to build, manage and suceed with mixed teams

Inevitably as professional service providers, you and I work with groups of people on whatever we have contracted for –a new website, an investment strategy with targeted returns or a residential interior design plan. More often than now, these groups include people from our office and our client’s and even some 3rd party vendors. Each of these individual has his or her own work styles. So how do we manage the process to interact harmoniously and effectively with each of them in order to fulfill our commitments to our customers? Ever had a problem with that?

John Mathers has some ideas that might work for you. Register now ( for our Breakfast meeting on November 20th in Palo Alto, and hear what he has to say. Here’s what other people have said about the material he will be presenting:

This process for focused management and feedback was exactly what we needed to get up and get moving in an effective and fast manner. The results speak for themselves."

David M. Chamberlain, Chairman and CEO, Genesco

"The successful corporations of tomorrow will develop organizational system and culture that absorbs constant change without losing focus. [This consulting approach] provides a step-by-step guide to designing and building this nimble organization."

Gerry Parker, Executive Vice President, Intel Corporation

This MPPA Breakfast will be held at the Bay Café Restaurant, 1875 Embarcadero Ave, Palo Alto, 94303 from 7:30AM to 9:00AM. Preregister Cost: Breakfast and meeting: $17.95, Beverage only and meeting: $5.95. Tickets available at the door, on a space-available basis: $19.95 each if you are not preregistered. Help us plan for a great event. Pre-register ( and save a few bucks as well!
Will you be taking time out to work on your Strategic plan or marketing plan for the coming year? Many of of do, but lots of us fail to use it. Here are some great ideas from Service Performance Insight on how to make the Strat Plan work for you in 2013.

Make the Most of your Strategic Plan throughout the Year.
By Carey Bettencourt, Jeanne Urich and Dave Hofferberth

While heading to my gate at an airport, I ran into a former colleague. “I’m on my way to our annual executive team off-site,” he said. “It wouldn’t be so bad, but we work hard for three days to identify our strategy, initiatives, and financial and operational plans, and somehow the team’s energy and cohesiveness evaporates quickly when we return to our day jobs.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article


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