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Consumers and businesses increasingly turn to testimonials and reviews to help evaluate and make choices about services. But asking for testimonials is often uncomfortable for business owners and can take time they need to devote to other business matters. Even when business owners succeed in getting testimonials, the words of even enthusiastic clients can fail to convey their enthusiasm, and the testimonials fail to yield optimal results.

Kudos Capture, a third-party service, performs a quality-controlled process that produces for our clients testimonials from their satisfied customers that effectively communicate their satisfaction and enthusiasm. Such timely testimonials enhance our clients’ credibility and online reputation. And our process assures not only words that sparkle and persuade but minimize the time required from our clients and their customers.

This is how we work: Kudos Capture matches writer with client. Each month or quarter, our client then provides us with a list of new, satisfied, customers. Our writer uses a standard four-question survey to qualify and identify customers on the list who are willing to provide a testimonial as well as collecting valuable market data for our client.

Our client then selects which customers he wants to ask for testimonials. Our writer approaches these customers, and requests a testimonial on behalf of our client. If there is agreement, we offer to create a draft, in the customer’s own words (from the quality survey already conducted). The customer and the writer work together to create a testimonial that the customer is pleased with, and which contributes to our client’s marketing objectives.

After our writer receives customer approval of the testimonial, the testimonial is posted on our site and released to the client for use on his website and to the customer, who may choose to post it elsewhere in the social media space.

In addition to written testimonials, we can also create Video testimonials, with the cooperation of the customer. Such short video clips are often very persuasive in generating engagements for our professional service clients.

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