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What happens when your positive review goes “Poof”?

It is great when someone else handles the back office work of storing and promoting your business by posting testimonials. But what happens when that business closes, or sells out?  Lots of Yahoo users found out. Read the rest on the Wall Street Journal site.

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The Afterlives of Filtered Google+ and Yelp Reviews

There is an afterlife. If it sounds like I’m saying that with too much confidence, it’s because I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about reviews – specifically on Google Plus and Yelp, the two sites where it’s most important but hardest for most “local” business owners to get reviews. What’s the big difference between

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Professional service sales without testimonials: Fruit trees without bees!

I was working at my desk on a Sunday afternoon, when I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize, “Hello, I am ____ and I am calling about _____ who has used you as a reference for some home repair work. What can you tell me about him? Did he do good work

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