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Tom is an incredible wealth of information on sales. My new sales guy was falling over himself to write down what Tom was coming up with off the top of his head. This guy knows his stuff. Keep up the good work mate.

Brydon Raethel, IT Consultant

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"Turning Needs Into Profit" video

My Style/Your Style: Secrets to Connecting With Customers of All Kinds
Presented by Beth Weisberg
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Can New Customers Find YOU? Findability and Your Website
Presented by Jean Bedord
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Articles of Interest

Getting Started by Asking Questions
When considering what type of services to offer your customers the simplest way to proceed is to start by asking them. What particular difficulty are they experiencing with your product? What is its business impact? But just asking your customers isn't enough... read more>>

Service/Product Symbiosis - building service into the product
There are lots of ways to look at service by categories, including by their relationship to “products”. Three categories include: 1) services added to existing products (last week's issue), 2) services designed into products– this week's topic), and 3) services independent of products. The “recipe” for successful service design, development, pricing, launch and promotion varies with the category of service. Read more>>

Professional Services: Golden Egg or Money Pit?
Offering product-independent Professional Services provides several benefits to the product-focused companies bold enough to invest in them. Profits, increased account control, and subtle product tie-in compel many firms to bring these services to market. Read more>>

Services "nice to have" or "must have?"
You know what they say in the real estate business: “Location, location, location. Location is everything!” In marketing, positioning, while not everything—the other P's are important, too—- is the critical element that must be defined first by every business owner or service executive. Read more>>

Keeping a Low Service Profile
Positioning: what are you going to sell, and to whom? If you have decided that service is “context” for your firm, are you going to package services for sale, give them away with your products, or a little of both? Perhaps there is an opportunity to tier your service – provide a particular level of service free with your product, and allow customers who demand it to pay for enhanced service. Read more>>

"To thine own self be true": a good Service Strategy
When entering a service market, positioning strategy takes on particular importance. The business solution, targeted potential clients, benefits, competitive advantages and business identity need to be firmly established. Seems reasonable, almost like Marketing 101. But as sales resistance is encountered, the biggest temptation is to tweak the positioning, since, unlike manufactured goods, services can be redefined and refocused pretty much at will. Read more>>

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